Social media envy may be masking other pain



February 25, 2019 - 10:41 AM

Hi, Carolyn: I just found out — through social media — that my ex from over a decade ago is expecting a baby with his lovely, perfect wife. He and I are friends at this point, but I have never been able to stop comparing my own life with his. This is the next piece of great news in a long parade of it for them — beautiful wedding, beautiful home purchase, major career promotions for both of them, now this.

I am not unhappy — my husband and I have a beautiful new baby whom I would not trade for anything — but I am frustrated in my career and not well-dressed like his wife, and we’re nowhere near being able to buy a house, and part of me just can’t believe they managed to have it all in the correct order.

And for further context, he dumped me.

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