Tips for starting seeds

Southwind extension has four in-person seed starting classes scheduled for this month.



February 5, 2024 - 2:01 PM

It is recommended to not use garden soil to germinate seed as it is too heavy and may contain disease organisms. Photo by PIXABAY

If you have ever tried to start plants from seed, you know it can be tricky. But it is very rewarding when you have success! Here are eight steps to help ensure you have nice healthy transplants when planting time arrives.

• Purchasing Seed – Obtain your seeds from a reputable source including garden centers and seed catalogs. If choosing seed from a business that does not specialize in plants, pay special attention to the package date to make sure the seed was packaged for the current year. Though most seed remains viable for about 3 years, germination decreases as seed ages.

• Determine the Date to Seed – There are two pieces of information that needs to be known in order to determine the date to seed transplants: the target date for transplanting outside and the number of weeks needed to grow the transplant. Then do some counting.