Wedding dress blues point to bigger problem



December 3, 2019 - 9:56 AM

Dear Carolyn: I have a petty problem stemming from a much larger relationship issue. I’m getting married, and I’ve not bought a dress because the thought of doing so terrifies me.

I’d love to buy a colorful dress at the local thrift store and call it a day, but my mom has visions of me in a beautiful white gown with my hair and makeup done. I don’t want to crush my mom’s dream — my sister already did that when she failed to live up to my mom’s wedding-look expectations. I feel like if I don’t let my mom dress me up, she will be hurt and remind us of it for years.

At the same time, I’m just not comfortable with fancy bridal attire! How do I walk the line between my comfort and her expectations? — Wedding Dread

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