Weddings will be hard for single gal

How alone you are and how lovable you are can be completely different things. How each person approaches love is unique, and can’t be compared one-for-one.



March 15, 2021 - 3:11 PM

Hello, Carolyn: I have two close friends getting married — I’ll be in one of the weddings. From the past few years, I have learned that I get very depressed and down on myself during wedding season. I suck at dating and have had zero luck getting return interest from anyone I’ve had feelings for, so I am perpetually single while my friends are hurtling en masse down the aisle. (Although the rush is slowing down a bit.) At one wedding, I wound up crying until I threw up in the bathroom as this loop of “I am alone, I am unlovable, other people get to fall in love but I don’t” played in my head. And that was after only one tiny glass of champagne.

I REALLY want to rally for my friends but am full of dread about what the next few months will do to me emotionally. How do I prepare? How do I care for myself before and during these weddings?

— Down

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