Woman struggles with parents’ shortcomings

As you settle into this new awareness I suggest not getting into a detailed accounting of your parents’ flaws against the accrued balances of your filial piety or admiration.
Instead, I hope you’ll question the admiration, the “looked up [to]” part, itself.



October 23, 2020 - 1:08 PM

Hi, Carolyn: I have been going to therapy. It was originally for postpartum anxiety, but my therapist and I have uncovered a family dynamic with my parents that has upset me but that I hadn’t been able to identify or name. It was a jolt of recognition to see the pieces put together into the picture of our dynamic.

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It’s so ingrained, it won’t change. (I’m in my 40s.) Do you have any advice on how to accept the limitations/frailties/flaws of people, like parents, to whom we have always looked up? I am so disappointed in them . . . and it’s fresh.

I keep thinking if I had to write a eulogy tomorrow, I would have trouble with it.

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