Zoom culture takes some getting used to

The good news is the more you do something, the more comfortable you are likely to feel about it.



April 28, 2021 - 8:56 AM

In the last few months the world has gone through so much rapid change. In the USA we are also dealing with social unrest, protests and hostile politics. In all that, like with all institutions, libraries of all types are trying to adjust to be able to provide as many services as they can. 

Traveling to visit the public and academic libraries the last few weeks in Southeast Kansas I’m amazed how creative and dedicated libraries are in helping their patrons through these strange times. One of the biggest changes is that there are obviously less face-to-face interactions with less programing. 

With all this going on there is an increasing use of services like Zoom that have replaced in person meetings and activities. Zoom type of communicating has been a blessing for the dissemination of information and also helps many with the feelings of isolation in the time of Covid. Not that long ago these types of communication services were not very reliable or even exist. 

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