ACC history teacher lives what he teaches


Local News

September 3, 2019 - 10:18 AM

Employees are usually encouraged to leave their work at the office, rather than take it home with them, lest they risk getting burned out. Steve Dodson, longtime Allen Community College instructor, doesn’t mind.

In fact, he has, for decades, overlapped personal and professional interests regarding the nation’s, nay world’s, history to bring the past to life for students. Dodson has taught 27 years for Allen, the first three years as an adjunct instructor and the past 24 as full-time professor at the Allen campus in Burlingame.

This fall, however, he is teaching two courses at the Iola campus: World History to 1500 and The American West. Depending on the interest in those inaugural offerings, he will return in the spring and, possibly, add Kansas History to his course schedule.

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