Attorney General Schmidt Visits the Bowlus Fine Arts Center


Local News

November 9, 2018 - 11:02 AM

Attorney General Derek Schmidt addresses students from Chanute at the Bowlus Fine Arts Center on Thursday.

Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt surprised students from Royster Middle School in Chanute who had traveled to the Bowlus to visit an exhibit on the Magna Carta on Thursday afternoon. The exhibit was created by Schmidt’s office to emphasize the role due process plays in our legal system today and how its roots lie in the 803-year-old charter.

As Schmidt began to address the students, he asked for a volunteer. A young girl raised her hand, and Schmidt hastily declared he was going to send her to jail. She’d committed a crime, and he’d seen it. 

“What’s to stop me?” Schmidt pressed her. “What’s to stop me to sending you to jail?” The girl froze, unable to answer the question.

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