Day showcases 4-H talents



February 7, 2011 - 12:00 AM

Measuring ingredients precisely can make the difference between success and failure, said Alaynah Donovan in her 4-H presentation Saturday.
Donovan, a first year 4-H’er, was one of dozens who participated in 4-H Day Saturday at the Bowlus Fine Arts Center.
Donovan demonstrated how kitchen tools should be used. She noted that when pouring liquid into a measuring cup, the cup should be on a table rather than held in hand.
“That let’s you be precise in the measurement,” she said. “If you hold it (at eye level) it’s hard to keep it steady.”
Donovan also demonstrated how to measure solids, such as flour and sugar, by overfilling cups or spoons and then leveling them off with a straight edge.
Other 4-H’ers gave similar demonstrations and talks, played instruments, sang and danced and showed their skills at parliamentary procedures through model meetings.
At the other end of the age spectrum were Lois Carlson and Jeanice Cress, showing that you can take the girl out of 4-H, but it’s another matter to take 4-H out of the girl.
Carlson, Extension agent in Neosho County for 40 years before retiring in 2003, was a judge for model meetings. Cress, Extension agent in Allen County for 40 years until retiring in 1996, was on hand to watch 4-H’ers who now are children and grandchildren of those she tutored.
“It always was fun to watch the kids and it still is,” said Carlson, who was joined at the judges’ table by husband Jim.
Cress, who with husband Maynard seldom misses 4-H events, had the same take. They like to keep up with Allen County youths, particularly those in their neighborhood northwest of Humboldt, such as Kyler and Kolbyn Allen, who gave presentations Saturday.
4-H Day is an annual event at the Bowlus Center, and despite some roads still difficult to maneuver, attendance was strong.
“Everyone showed up on time and we finished a little ahead of schedule,” said Carla Nemecek. She and Kathy McEwan, her fellow Allen County Extension agent, oversaw the events with help from a host of volunteers.
Those who earned top blue recognition are eligible to participate in 4-H Regional Day in Mound City on Feb. 26.
Saturday’s results:
Model meetings
Top blue: Prairie Dell and City Slickers, alternate.
Blue: Logan Pals; Square B.
Red: Prairie Rose.
Public presentations
Intermediate readings
Top blue: Isaiah Wicoff, Prairie Dell.
Red: Clara Wicoff, Prairie Dell; Jennifer Tidd, City Slickers.
Junior readings
Top blue: Jessica Tidd, City Slickers.
Red: Henry Wicoff, Prairie Dell.
Show and share
Blue: Luke Wicoff, Prairie Dell; Brandon McKarnin, Prairie Dell; Casey McKarnin, Prairie Dell; Ethan Weide, Prairie Dell; Gabriella Sharp, Logan Pals; Carly Dreher, City Slickers.
Red: Kahlan Roloff, Prairie Dell; Lane Roloff, Prairie Dell.
Junior project talks
Top blue: Brody Nemecek, City Slickers.
Blue: Emily McKarnin, Prairie Dell; Clay Shannon, Logan Pals.
Senior public speaking
Top blue: Garrett Donovan, Square B.
Multi-media presentation
Top blue: Caitlin Dreher, City Slickers.
Junior demonstrations
Top blue: Jillian Keller, City Slickers.
Blue: Katie Weide, Prairie Dell; Zoey Rinehart, Logan Pals.
Intermediate demonstrations and illustrated talks
Top blue: Jackson Wilks, Prairie Dell; Caitlin Dreher, City Slickers.
Blue: Jessica Sharp, Logan Pals; Jenna Wilks, Prairie Dell; Alaynah Donovan, Square B.
Red: Danielle Sharp, Logan Pals; Casey Allen, Prairie Rose; Stevie Allen, Prairie Rose; Kyler Allen, Logan Pals; Klair Vogel, Square B; Emily Luedke, City Slickers.
Senior demonstrations and illustrated talks
Top blue: Trent Johnson, Prairie Rose; Catherine Sharp, Logan Pals.
Blue: Tyler Stirling, Prairie Rose; Shannon Vogel, Square B; Kolbyn Allen, Logan Pals; Anna Setter, Logan Pals.
Junior instrumental solos
Top blue: Danielle Sharp, Logan Pals, piano.
Blue: Shelby Yoho, Prairie Rose, piano; Katie Weide, Prairie Dell, recorder; Jessica Tidd, City Slickers, piano.
Red: Jennifer Tidd, City Slickers, piano; Jonathan Tidd, City Slickers, piano.
Senior instrumental solos
Top blue: Jessica Sharp, Logan Pals, piano.
Blue: Trey Wilson, Prairie Dell, trumpet; Jeremy Setter, Logan Pals, saxophone; Trilby Bannister, Prairie Dell, piano; Olivia Bannister, Prairie Dell, piano; Kate Terhune, Prairie Dell, flute; Jason Tidd, City Slickers, saxophone.
Instrumental ensemble
Top blue: Jessica and Danielle Sharp, Logan Pals, piano duet.
Junior vocal solos
Top blue: Katie Weide, Prairie Dell.
Senior vocal solos
Top blue: Olivia Bannister, Prairie Dell.
Blue: Trilby Bannister, Prairie Dell; Kate Terhune, Prairie Dell; Kaysha Elmenhorst, Prairie Rose.
Senior individual dance
Blue: Olivia Bannister.
Senior group dance
Top blue: Prairie Dell.
Blue: Prairie Dell.

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