May 9, 2018 - 11:00 PM

Humboldt High School Class of 2018 president Noah Johnson, left, talks to his fellow students about a time capsule they buried Wednesday morning at the sports complex. They plan to reopen the time capsule in 30 years. At left, Andy Seufert buries the caps

HUMBOLDT — In 2048, Humboldt’s Class of 2018 will return to a shady spot west of the football field to find remnants of their youth.

Backpacks stuffed full of personal belongings. Photographs and videos. Completed school assignments. Athletic memorabilia. Notes and letters.

Seniors buried trinkets and keepsakes in a time capsule Thursday morning, just a couple of days before they graduate. The massive metal receptacle was placed inside a slightly larger but otherwise identical box. B&W Trailer Hitches of Humboldt built and donated the boxes, which were sealed and bolted shut.

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