Humboldt welcomes Murphy Tractor

Murphy Tractor & Equipment services John Deere equipment. Local entities teamed up to entice the business to locate in Humboldt.



November 17, 2020 - 9:27 AM

The new service center is Murphy’s 30th location nationwide. Photo by Tim Stauffer / Iola Register

HUMBOLDT — Murphy Tractor & Equipment, one of John Deere’s largest construction and forestry dealers in North America, is up and running in Humboldt. It’s the company’s 30th location.

The 15,000-square-foot facility, located next to K-224, the spur from U.S. 169 into Humboldt, is on a five-acre parcel owned by Monarch Cement Company, which purchased the land from Humboldt Growth, Inc. (HUGRO). HUGRO bought 30 acres of land along Hawaii Road around five years ago, betting that an opportunity just like this, sooner or later, would come along.

Terryl Mueller stands outside Humboldt’s Murphy Tractor & Equipment service center. Photo by Tim Stauffer / Iola Register

But if Murphy’s presence in Humboldt highlights the importance of taking the long view, Kent Webber, president of Monarch, attests it also points to the power of collaboration.

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