Petition drive picks up steam

Advocates for looser liquor-by-the-drink laws in Allen County are continuing a petition drive to prompt a public vote in November. Allen County commissioners also have indicated they will approve sending the matter to the voters.


Local News

July 31, 2020 - 3:56 PM

Organizers are continuing to seek signatures for a petition drive that would force a public vote on loosening Allen County's liquor-by-the-drink laws. Courtesy photo
A Bolder Humboldt

HUMBOLDT — A group calling for the loosening of alcohol laws in Allen County is hedging their bets to get the matter to voters in November.

Representatives of A Bolder Humboldt want to allow entertainment establishments to sell primarily alcohol, to spur economic development. 

Current liquor laws require establishments that sell liquor by the drink to derive 30% of their profits from food sales. A Bolder Humboldt’s plan would ask voters to eliminate that requirement.

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