Moran Library set to move to new location



March 6, 2018 - 12:00 AM

MORAN — More than a year of preparation will culminate April 28 when the Moran Public Library moves to its new home, City Council members were told Monday.
The library is moving across the alley from its old quarters along U.S. 59 to the former Moran Baptist Church building at the corner of Randolph and Spruce streets.
The site became available when the Midpoint Baptist Church along U.S. 54 opened its new doors in 2017.
Since then, crews have been remodeling the building so it better fits the library’s needs.

COUNCIL discussed a resident’s complaint about water drainage in the 200 block of South Cedar (U.S. 59).
The home’s basement is prone to flooding, a problem worsened, the owner contended, after city crews repaired a nearby storm drain along the highway.
City Superintendent Mike Stodgell promised to inspect the drain to ensure it’s free of debris, but noted the fooding may be caused by either foundation or sump pump issues, which would be the property owner’s responsibility to fix.
Stodgell noted the terrain along the storm drain was leveled after it was fixed, which should have mitigated any flooding issues.
He and Mayor Phillip Merkel agreed the city could help find the cause of the flooding.

MORAN’S 2017 budget received a clean bill of health from the city’s auditors.
Meta Titel, lead auditor for Jarred, Gilmore & Phillips, PA discussed the report’s findings and noted expenditures and fund balances matched properly.
She briefly discussed how the city’s budget might be affected for 2018 and beyond by overseeing the 54 Fitness Center.
The city must ensure, even if there are sufficient funds in its recreation account, not to spend more than what has been budgeted, Titel warned.
Council members also discussed the city’s responsibilities in overseeing the fitness center.
Councilman Bill Bigelow noted Moran PRIDE Thrive members have promised to help “any way they can” to keep the fitness center functioning smoothly.
The center has more than 100 members, well over initial projections of 40 members.

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