Murder suspect, accomplice arrested

Local officers, assisted by departments from Missouri and Kansas, arrested two people in Iola Wednesday evening. One was a suspect in a Missouri homicide. The other was suspected of harboring him.



August 5, 2021 - 9:57 AM

Iola Police officers work the scene after serving an arrest warrant in the 400 block of South Colburn Street Wednesday evening. Photo by Vickie Moss / Iola Register

A suspect in an Ashland, Mo., homicide was taken into custody after law enforcement raided a house in Iola Wednesday evening.

Iola Police Chief Jared Warner, in a joint press release with the Ashland Police Department, announced the arrest of Robin Morales-Sanchez, 19, for the Friday murder of Moises Hernandez-Sanchez, and the assault of another victim. 

Ashland officers said Morales-Sanchez stabbed both victims multiple times before fleeing the area.

The investigation led law enforcement to the 400 block of South Colborn Street in Iola, where Sarah Beth Malki was accused of harboring Morales-Sanchez and attempting to aid him in his flight from the country.

An arrest warrant was issued for Morales-Sanchez on Sunday; a warrant for Malki was issued on Tuesday.

Robin Morales-Sanchez, left, and Sarah Beth MalkiCourtesy photo

Iola police officers, aided by the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, executed a search warrant, where they found both suspects.

They were taken into custody, where they are being held without bond.

“I’m tremendously proud of our team and the tireless work they’ve done,” Ashland Police Chief Gabe Edwards said in the press release. 

A neighbor captured this photo of law enforcement arriving to serve an arrest warrant in the 400 block of South Colburn Street. Courtesy photo

The raid drew the attention of scores of curious onlookers and neighbors, who watched the arrests unfold.