Old beauty gets a high-octane facelift


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June 26, 2018 - 11:52 AM

Eleanor and Mike met in February of 2016. Eleanor was nearing her 50th birthday at that point, and while the outlines of her former beauty still hung about her frame, it was clear to anyone that her best days were behind her. Her body was a wreck. Her insides, frankly, were even worse: she’d lost all her old get-up-and-go; she just sort of sat there, a shell of her former self.

But a cure was waiting, and his name was Mike Schwindt.

After a dedicated program of tough love — during which time he lavished expert attention upon her body during the daylight hours and kept her locked in a metal building at night — Schwindt coaxed from Eleanor’s tired bones something of her original luster.

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