Post 15 Indians look to start postseason run



July 13, 2018 - 11:00 PM

Kane Rogers takes a hack at a ball during a tournament in Fort Scott at the LaRoche Baseball Complex on June 30. REGISTER/TIMOTHY EVERSON

After a successful 17-5 regular season, the Post 15 Iola Indians are set to head into postseason play starting with the zone championship tournament held at the Humboldt Sports Complex this weekend.

Last year, the Indians saw a zone championship slip from their hands and into Garnett’s before beating Frontenac, 1-0, to earn a trip to state in Marysville where they finished second.

Now, driven by Iola High’s 2018 state championship and Humboldt’s state tournament appearance, the Indians hope to make a return trip to the state tournament and take a zone championship plaque along with them.

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