Unofficial primary election results: Aug. 4, 2020

Election results from local Republican primary contests as well as the proposed extension of a sales tax funding Allen County Regional Hospital maintenance.



August 4, 2020 - 8:33 PM

This page will continue to be updated as election results come in.

Last update 9:28 PM

Unofficial election results

Bryan Murphy 1,582
Jerry Daniels 783

Allen County Commission District 2
David Lee 491
Craig Mentzer 367
Eugene Weatherbie 114

Allen County Commission District 3
Bruce Symes 347
John Brocker 340

Kansas House of Representatives District 9
Kent Thompson 1,827
Armando Hernandez 256

Allen County Regional Hospital Sales Tax Question
Yes 1,906
No 877

Of note, there are 40 provisional ballots that will be considered before the election is certified next Tuesday. Ballots that have been postmarked by today still can be counted if they arrive at the County Clerk’s office by Friday.


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