Prom promises evening of glitz


April 14, 2011 - 12:00 AM

Iola High School’s Junior-Senior Prom will serve as an homage to masquerade balls of yesteryear.
Prom-goers to Saturday’s prom — themed “Mystere du Masque” — will be treated to an evening of glitz, glamour and plenty of dancing.
Junior class students have been working feverishly each evening this week to convert the IHS gymnasium into a lavish dance hall. The plan is to work tonight until 10 o’clock or so, and then Friday to finish the decorations.
“The students have done a good job with it,” said Jodi Grover, class sponsor. “We’ll be finished.”
New rules instituted last year will be in place again Saturday to help handle the large crowds attending the grand march, where the students are announced and parade in their finery across a lighted set.
Public seating for the grand march will limited to the bleachers inside the IHS gymnasium. No longer are spectators allowed to sit on the floor or stand inside the doorways because of the city’s fire codes.
Those hoping to take pictures of a specific student or couple will be allowed to do so, and them immediately return to their seat. In addition, handicapped seating will be plainly marked for wheelchair-bound spectators.
The grand march begins at 7 o’clock, with most of the students arriving some time before that on the school’s east side, where the school has laid out a red carpet for their grand entrance.
The school will have umbrellas available in case of rainy weather.
Only the prom-goers will be allowed to enter the high school through its main doors on the east side. Parents and spectators must either enter through the west doors or those on the southeast side.
“Please understand that the prom is set up for the current students to enjoy,” Grover said. “And as a school we must comply to fire codes. Our ultimate goal is to have a safe and fun event.”
School and city officials will be placed throughout the gym to direct traffic.
Once the grand march is over, parents will be asked to leave promptly so the dancing can begin.
The dance runs until 11:30, at which point couples will move to the Recreation Community Building at Riverside Park for After-Prom activities.
The decorations will remain in place Sunday for a Senior Citizens prom, sponsored by the IHS leadership class. The senior citizen prom begins at 2 p.m. There is no age requirement.

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