School openings delayed until after Labor Day

Gov. Laura Kelly plans to issue an executive order to force schools to wait until September before opening. Districts will use state's guidelines to develop a plan.



July 15, 2020 - 3:33 PM

Gov. Laura Kelly

Kansas schools will not open until after Labor Day, Gov. Laura Kelly said in a press conference this afternoon.

Kelly said she plans to issue an executive order Monday to delay the opening of schools, and to make some safety guidelines — including wearing face masks — mandatory for school districts.

The Kansas Board of Education earlier today approved the safety guidelines developed by a task force.

The guidelines call for teachers and staff to wear masks inside and suggests all students be told to wear them if they’re in middle or high school. It recommends hourly hand-washing, daily temperature checks for all staff, and limiting visitors and the movement of students. The guidelines also say all students should be observed daily for signs of illness.

Districts will use the guidelines to develop their own unique education plans, with a committee of local representatives from education, health and other areas. 

The plans could include in-person classes, distance learning plans or a hybrid, Kelly said.

The delay will apply to all school-related activities, including sports.

See Thursday’s Register for more details.


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