Senior center’s thrift store to get some space

Volunteers offer to remove walls and cabinets to widen an entryway, making it ADA compliant. That's separate from a planned expansion that has not yet been approved.



November 3, 2021 - 9:48 AM

Dimity Lowell, a volunteer with the Iola Senior Center, points out walls that will be removed at the thrift store builidng at 223 N. State St. The change will allow a little more space in the building ahead of a more extensive remodel that has not yet been approved. Also pictured are Joyce Adair and Joe Hess. Photo by Vickie Moss

The Iola Senior Center and thrift store at 223 N. State St. will get a little bit of breathing room, thanks to some volunteer labor.

Dimity Lowell, Joyce Adair and Joe Hess asked county commissioners on Tuesday for permission to take down a couple of non-structural walls at the senior center to ease congestion in the building.

Lowell’s husband, John Lowell, will do the work at no charge, Dimity Lowell told commissioners. He works in housing construction and examined the building. He’s also done work for the county in the past.

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