Shuffling out the sod

Veterans Worldwide, USD 257, City of Iola and Allen County combined efforts to replace sod at the football stadium, a job currently being undertaken by Veterans Worldwide.



June 9, 2021 - 10:05 AM

Crews with Veterans Worldwide dig up the old sod at the Iola football field. They built a land bridge, shown at right, to avoid damaging the track. (REGISTER/VICKIE MOSS)

It seemed crazy to replace just a third of the football field at the stadium in Riverside Park, Stan Shultz, owner of Veterans Worldwide, thought.

Veterans Worldwide replaced lead-contaminated soil in various parts of the park, particularly near playground equipment, as part of ongoing reclamation efforts across the city.

A soil test also revealed lead in soil in the infield of the stadium’s track, but just in one area.

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