Stacy Cakes makes room for family

Baker Stacy Mueller closed her downtown Humboldt storefront and moved her business to a building next to her home. The pandemic and a desire to be more available to her family motivated the change.



March 4, 2022 - 3:19 PM

Mark and Stacy Mueller gave up their downtown storefront for Stacy Cakes, and instead operate out of a smaller cabin next to their home in Humboldt. The pandemic and the need to spend more time with family precipitated the move. Photo by Vickie Moss

HUMBOLDT — Between the COVID-19 pandemic, running a business and adopting a child, Stacy Mueller felt herself stretched pretty thin over the past couple of years.

Something had to give. 

So Stacy closed her downtown storefront for her bakery and catering business, Stacy Cakes. 

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