Bill advances to ban transgender athletes from women’s sports

An identical bill cleared the Legislature last year before Gov. Laura Kelly vetoed the bill.


State News

March 22, 2022 - 2:16 PM

Photo by Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office

TOPEKA — Kansas senators renewed a debate Monday over legislation to ban transgender athletes from participating in women’s sports, advancing the bill to a final vote despite pushback over what some considered discriminatory policy.

Senate Bill 484 would apply to any Kansas children in sports, theoretically applying to elementary or middle school students in addition to high school. It would also open the door for student-athletes who feel wronged due to a violation of the act to file a lawsuit to recoup damages and attorney fees.

The measure has been dubbed the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act by proponents who say it is a necessary protection for girls against unfair advantages for transgender athletes who they argue have clear biological advantages.

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