ICU doctors make emotional plea for Kansans to get vaccinated

The delta variant spreads quickly, attacks younger people, kills the unvaccinated indiscriminately.


State News

August 20, 2021 - 2:54 PM

Dr. Andrew Schlachter of Saint Luke's

OVERLAND PARK — Physicians Andrew Schlachter and Dena Hubbard made life-or-death appeals Friday for Kansans to accept vaccination against COVID-19 to save themselves and loved ones at a time when spread of the delta variant threatened to buckle the Kansas City health care system.

The doctors joined Gov. Laura Kelly at Saint Luke’s Rehabilitation Institute to share snapshots of ongoing battles in intensive care units filled in the metropolitan area with younger, sicker patients afflicted by the more easily spread variant of coronavirus. They emphasized the threat to pregnant women who had declined to get vaccinated, both in terms of the health of new mothers and infants.

“I’m not here today to inspire fear, to discuss politics or argue statistics,” said Schlachter, a pulmonary and critical care specialist at Saint Luke’s Health System. “We need to be telling our loved ones that vaccination is the most sure way to avoid getting a phone call from me or another ICU doctor. This is real.”

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