KC resident hopes closing ‘Bank of KDOT’ will improve safety on I-70

Payments have slowed in state budgets under Gov. Laura Kelly. In the most recent budget, the state would close the so-called “bank of KDOT” during the next fiscal year by not diverting any funds to general government uses.


State News

July 13, 2022 - 4:06 PM

Leo Eilts has witnessed many accidents, ranging from minor to fatal, at the tight right-angle curve as Interstate 70 exits Kansas and enters Missouri. With the state budget set to close the so-called Bank of KDOT, Eilts is hopeful projects like fixing the dangerous curve can be addressed. (Noah Taborda/Kansas Reflector)

KANSAS CITY, Kan. — As Interstate 70 exits Kansas and enters Missouri, a tight right-angle curve is a sight of many accidents over the years, Leo Eilts has witnessed.

Eilts, a resident of the Strawberry Hill neighborhood of Kansas City, Kansas, bought a building 16 years ago with a fantastic view overlooking the point where the Kansas and Missouri river meet. He quickly found his building offered a less pleasant view of accidents along that harrowing curve and fixed his security cameras on the point.

“I have a front row seat to a massive demolition derby just down from my building,” Eilts said.

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