Anti-Marshall ad stretches credulity

People can find lots wrong with Rep. Marshall's service — such as his excuses for the U.S. immigration policy — but attacking his record as a physician is beyond the pale.



March 24, 2020 - 9:47 AM

This ad smears Rep. Roger Marshall work as a ob-gyn, using anonymous "victims."

Political ads are so routinely unfair that they have to violate the barely there norms of what everyone knows are propaganda communications pretty flagrantly just to stand out as any more deceptive than average. Yet the conservative Club for Growth’s political action committee has managed to achieve this dubious distinction with its misleading recent attack on GOP U.S. Senate candidate Rep. Roger Marshall, who is running to replace his fellow Kansas Republican Sen. Pat Roberts.

If you didn’t have your glasses on, you might think that the full-page newspaper ads in The Star, The Wichita Eagle and the Topeka Capital-Journal had been bought and paid for by outraged former patients who feel they were mistreated by Dr. Roger Marshall, who is an ob-gyn. But no, they weren’t.

“Arrogant, insensitive, no bedside manner,” says someone named Sunny, who was apparently being quoted from an online review.

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