Opening up to closure

Even when expected, the loss of a loved one comes as a surprise and takes time to accept



October 22, 2021 - 3:58 PM

Nancy McEndree sits with her late father’s cowboy hat and boots. Even though he was 99 and in ailing health, accepting his death has been more of a process than McEndree realized.

LAHARPE — It’s always a privilege here at The Register to help families deal with telling the news of loved ones who have passed.

It seems most deaths come suddenly, even though we think we’re prepared. For me, anytime a friend loses a parent it awakens the memory of losing mine. Such was the case earlier this week when Lori Moran came to the office with the news of her father, Melvin Baker, age 92, having died on Sunday.  

It’s just never easy. And when pricked, the pain lies just below the surface. 

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