Combatting widespread hunger takes holistic approach



April 12, 2019 - 4:45 PM

Every time gardening seasons starts, I think of the little boy at Santa’s Toy Shop who told me all he wanted for Christmas was food in his house.

Food insecurity is one of the most important crises facing our world. Without food, we die. Without proper nutrition and enough food, we suffer. For children, learning, social, and emotional disorders, and other health-related problems are the results of food insecurity. For adults, depression, anxiety, stress, poor work performance, and poor health are the results.

Food insecurity is deeply rooted in other problems, such as poverty, poor health, and lack of education. Having data that proves that food insecurity is real does nothing to solve it, but only proves what we already know. The issue of food insecurity needs to be addressed by an interagency body that can coordinate types of interventions.

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