County officials should treat COVID like the public health crisis it is

"Because this is a public health issue, my wish is that Allen County leaders seek the consensus of local health professionals as well as  the public health director as the best way forward. That way we know where their priorities lie."



July 2, 2020 - 9:32 AM

On Monday morning, The Register established a face mask policy for employees. Expecting pushback, I came prepared with charts showing the increase in COVID-19 cases in Southeast Kansas as well as how it’s the younger demographic, those 18-44, that are now being hit hardest. 

Susan Lynn

As a group, we discussed a backup plan in case one of us contracts the virus, making it necessary for all but a skeleton crew to work from home. Fortunately, we have good IT support, allowing us to construct the paper remotely if need be.

We also discussed how we each have a responsibility to help curb the spread of the virus by wearing masks when meeting with clients or doing interviews. 

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