Humboldt’s recognition a reflection on Allen County

Humboldt's success comes from the efforts of many, including county contributions to its new grocery store, extending the Prairie Spirit Rail Trail, helping provide public transportation and installing storm shelters.



January 11, 2022 - 9:10 AM

The bandstand in downtown Humboldt is part of its charm. Photo by FLICKR

The city of Humboldt joined an elite group this weekend when it was named one of “52 Places” to visit by The New York Times.

The designation means readers from across the world will become aware of what many of us already know: Humboldt is transforming itself from a sleepy village into a vibrant community.

Though the majority of the locations selected for the Times article are scenic standouts such as remote islands or mountaintops, sites such as Humboldt were chosen because of their endeavors to improve their small corners of the world.

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