WNBA players exemplary role models

Recognizing their responsibility as leaders both on and off the court, the women have an almost-perfect vaccination rate against COVID-19



October 25, 2021 - 9:14 AM

To illustrate what a powerful role professional athletes — men and women — have on today’s youth, these teenage girls gladly show off their new T-shirts saluting the Chicago Sky women’s basketball team for winning the WNBA National Championships. Players on the Women’s National Basketball League have a 99% vaccination rate to guard against COVID-19.

Can’t find a role model when it comes to getting workers vaccinated against COVID-19 without a mandate? Maybe you’ve been looking in the wrong places.

Last week’s conclusion of the dramatic WNBA playoffs offers a pointed reminder not only of the growing success of the women’s pro basketball league, but also of its triumph way back in June in getting 99 percent of players fully and voluntarily vaccinated.

In recent months, other leagues have played catch-up. The Houston Rockets’ 100 percent vaccination rate certainly deserves praise. The Associated Press reported Tuesday that 96 percent of all NBA players had received at least one shot while the NFL’s one-shot rate was 94 percent. Among the leagues disclosing rates of fully vaccinated players, the NHL has climbed above 99 percent while Major League Baseball reports 87.4 percent.

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