Gasoline is cheap. Too bad we can’t use it

Across the country, gasoline averaged $2 a gallon. Though a boon for consumers, the lower prices portend dark days for the oil and gas industry.



April 9, 2020 - 9:48 AM

In Texas regular gasoline prices dropped below $1.75 a gallon, the lowest price in four years, the kids are out of school and no one is expecting you to show up at work (or even to work, depending). In normal times, able-bodied Texans facing this situation would heed the call of the road, load up the family vehicle and roll out before dawn to points unknown.

We do love a road trip, the longer the better.

Instead, we’re all gassed up with nowhere to go. Patriotic Texans, like Americans in much of the country, are stuck at home to halt the potential spread of coronavirus, or working harder than ever at jobs deemed critical for the health and welfare of humanity. It is an unnatural constriction on the freedom U.S. citizens have taken for granted, but one we accept for the good of the country.

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