Letter to the editor – July 1, 2024

Dear editor,

I agree with most of what the opinion piece said, critiquing Biden’s mental sharpness and Trump’s exaggerations and lies. Of course Trump spins things to his favor and stretches the truth. We know this. 

What was missing, I believe is that Biden was doing the same thing. It feels like the second half of Mrs. Lynn’s article was missing; the lies of Biden. To name a few:

1. Biden claimed that no American troops have died on his watch — 13 died in the retreat of Afghanistan alone.

2. Biden claimed that the Border Patrol endorsed him. The border patrol endorsed Trump.

3. Biden claimed to have had fewer crossings than when Trump was in office.  That is insane.

4. Biden said unemployment was at 15% when he took office. It was actually 6.4%.

There were others that were murky with regard to claims that Trump said, certain things that, for an average person like myself, it is tough to tell who was lying.

To leave out that both candidates stretch the truth and lie is dishonest. They are both politicians. 

It feels like Mrs. Lynn is defending Biden instead of offering an honest analysis of the debate. 

I have not voted for Trump or Biden and will almost certainly vote for Robert F. Kennedy Jr. this time around.

I do not necessarily defend Trump but I feel like Mrs. Lynn’s representation of Biden’s faults did not include his lies and stretching of the truth as well. It felt very partisan. Both candidates do this. 

To paint Biden as morally superior to Trump in this department is dishonest. I respect Mrs. Lynn’s right to have her own opinion of course, but I think she willfully omitted that Mr. Biden is not a saint himself.


Judiah Hawley,

May 21, 2021
March 26, 2021
March 17, 2021
September 30, 2020