Letter to the editor — June 7, 2021

Dear editor,

We are supposed to learn from history. It is a shame so many important aspects of our history have been omitted because someone might get “upset” or “offended” by some aspect of history. 

No matter how ugly or shameful an aspect of history might be, it is important that every aspect be taught so we can learn and understand. It wasn’t until I was in college history classes that I began to learn about some of the atrocities committed in the past: the imprisonment of Japanese-Americans whose only crime was their ethnicity, the senseless destruction of prosperous black American communities by vicious mobs, the genocide of Native Americans, the harassment and mistreatment of German and Italian-Americans because of their ethnicity during both World Wars because many still spoke their own language. The teaching of German in some states was even out-lawed. These idiotic acts of violence and cruelty are very much akin to the seeds that gave roots to the Holocaust.

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