Bull riding rush rewarding

Hutchinson bull rider Luke Mast says he gets a rush every time he rides a bull and has won a few different bull rides just this summer. Just recently, Mast placed in second one of the nights of the Allen County Fair.



August 16, 2022 - 2:50 PM

The adrenaline of bull-riding is what keeps Luke Mast of Hutchinson coming back.

Mast was recently this way where he came in second place in the bull-riding competition at the Allen County Fair. He has been competing in at least three competitions every single week this summer. 

The cowboy got his start in bull-riding at a very young age when his family first put him on steers and calves to see if Mast would enjoy the thrill. Once he turned 17, Mast got on his first real bull and never looked back. 

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