Cherryvale edges Cubs 55-52

After a hard fought week of action in Yates Center, the boys bracket came down to Humboldt and Cherryvale. While Humboldt's Trey Sommer scored 23 points, the Cubs were bested by the Chargers



January 24, 2022 - 9:17 AM

Humboldt's Trey somer waits for a rebound after putting up a shot. Photo by Reese Becker / Iola Register

YATES CENTER — A week of basketball action all came down to two teams Friday night with Humboldt High and Cherryvale boys facing off for first place.

Both teams came ready to play and struck on offense quickly. Humboldt’s  Trey Sommer had the start to what would be a 23-point night with 10 points in the first, but Cherryvale’s Stetson Schafer did him a little better in the first half, scoring 13 points. Schafer was money from the line all night, hitting 6-8 in the first half.

Cherryvale led 29-22.

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