Self reacts to recent NCAA changes



August 11, 2018 - 4:00 AM

Kansas head coach Bill Self directs his players during the second half March 17 versus Seton Hall in Wichita. LAWRENCE JOURAL WORLD/NICK KRUG

College Basketball: Kansas Jayhawks

The NCAA’s Board of Governors and Division I Board of Directors on Wednesday adopted rules changes to college basketball that allow players to hire agents, let undrafted players return to school and alter the recruiting model.

The changes — which include allowing players who attend the NBA combine to return to college if undrafted, allowing elite college players and recruits to be represented by certified agents while still playing, increasing the number of campus visits for prep prospects and adding recruiting events in June to involve high school coaches and their teams — certainly will be much discussed in coming weeks.

“I think they are significant changes and there are some that certainly if you look at it from a nonpartisan way, I do think there are some legitimate concerns about some of them, but we don’t know enough about it yet to know exactly how it’ll all play out,” said Kansas coach Bill Self, who, as a member of the NCAA men’s basketball oversight committee, was involved in the process of considering the recommendations of Condoleezza Rice’s independent commission on how to solve some of the issues facing college basketball.

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