Bride’s snub may destroy friendships

What I do know for sure is that you control your part of whether this “will evolve into a family feud.”



November 4, 2020 - 8:57 AM

Dear Carolyn: My sister’s daughter, “Abbie,” and my daughter, “Karen,” have always been very close. So when Abbie asked Karen to be her maid of honor and officiate at the ceremony, Karen was thrilled.

Carolyn HaxCourtesy photo

At the time of the engagement, my sister made it known to me and Karen that she was concerned my daughter would bring covid-19 with her from New York, where cases have been high. The bride did not express any fears to us.

Karen made plans to drive 12 hours, not fly, to the wedding venue, to quarantine before the wedding date and to take a rapid coronavirus test before leaving home.

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