Family’s Zoom calls drip with misogyny

"That you feel you have to confirm with others what your ears are actually hearing only proves how effective such misogyny is. It permeates, undermines, silences. It metastasizes into self-doubt."



March 17, 2021 - 8:49 AM

Hi, Carolyn: Since the pandemic started, we’ve had a family Zoom call every week. It’s three siblings and two cousins and spouses, about half men and half women. The men comment how they would never find themselves in some of the strange situations the women find themselves in, and make mean, demeaning jokes about styles, cooking, sometimes weight, etc. It’s almost always by the men about the women, right in front of them. The women are good sports and don’t seem visibly hurt. My spouse and I don’t participate, but don’t really say anything either. I sometimes seriously think some of the men are misogynists.

Now, I agree, I am wound pretty tight. If I were to say something, I’m sure I’ll be told off or get “Oh we’re just joking.” I have not discussed this with my spouse, since I wouldn’t get much of an opinion. Is this misogyny or am I just being a prude?

— Zoom Family Prude

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