Quarantine forever! But not everyone agrees

Partner's offhand comment about quarantine leaves reader with hurt feelings. It also illustrates how others handle adversity differently.



May 5, 2020 - 9:50 AM

Photo by Pixabay.com

Dear Carolyn: My partner made an offhand comment this week that if life had to remain this way indefinitely — sheltering in place — he would probably decide it was “not worth living.” I understood what he was trying to express, that he misses several things he really loves: his job (he runs a bar, and business has closed down), his outdoor activities with friends, his freedom to do as he pleases.

But I cannot get past the implication that if he were stuck with me nonstop for longer than a few weeks, he would no longer enjoy his life. We have been making the best of it, watching movies and shows we ordinarily wouldn’t have time for, being romantic, having long-overdue conversations. Yes, we are both feeling shut-in and scared, but I have been enjoying this relationship reset.

Would it be silly to let myself be hurt by his comment, or does it in fact indicate that I value his companionship more than he values mine? — Am I Not Enough?

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