Support for the compulsive keeper

Hoarding can affect anyone. It often starts in adolescence and gets progressively worse.



August 3, 2021 - 9:05 AM

Individuals are more likely to hoard if they have a family member who keeps everything. Photo by FREEPIK.COM

Putting things away after the fair reminded me of how stuff just seems to multiply and collect. Statements such as, “We might need that someday,” repeatedly come to mind.

Yes, we were sorting through things from a specific event. Yet it reminded me how we tend to “over keep” things, especially in our own personal living spaces. Things accumulate with little effort. Without some self-control, our homes can be reduced to pathways or overstuffed drawers and closets. Then it becomes an overwhelming task when we really get the urge to purge.

How do we know if our “collections” have gotten out of control? A collector is proud to show off items and will keep them neat and organized. However, if a large group of unrelated items is stashed away out-of-sight, we might be leaning toward the cluttered category. If it is in plain sight and in a state of disarray, we could be on the verge of hoarding.

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