Loose lips are about to sink friendship

"I doubt it is malicious, she just has to tell what she knows … to anyone and everyone."



April 1, 2020 - 8:51 AM

Dear Carolyn: A few years ago, I got very chummy with an old acquaintance. We knew each other socially for years, but the closeness is new.

Carolyn HaxCourtesy photo

She can be a fun person . . . shopping trips, meeting for coffee, etc.

I allowed it to grow into a lopsided arrangement where she calls every few days to check in, shares facts and gripes about everyone in her life. At a recent luncheon, she blurted out — to people I don’t know — a few things about me that I shared with her. It finally dawned on me that this is part of her DNA. She just can’t keep anything private.

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