Moving on takes a wistful look at the past

Maybe your new situation will be so great that it eventually becomes the next great phase you mourn when it’s over...



April 23, 2020 - 8:48 AM

Dear Carolyn: This weekend, my husband and toddler and I will be moving from the condo I bought six years ago as a 20-something bachelorette, in the downtown area I’ve loved and enjoyed so much, out to a townhouse in the suburbs. It will undoubtedly be great for us to have more space and for my son to have a yard to play in. Even more so if we have a second child, as we hope to.

Carolyn HaxCourtesy photo

But I am SAD. This condo was where most of my independent young adulthood happened, and I’m having a hard time accepting that that time is absolutely 100 percent over forever.

Do you have any words of wisdom about how to embrace the move to the ‘burbs? Motherhood is insanely fulfilling and all that stuff, but will I get used to the new way things are? — All grown up

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