Achievers young and old celebrated


November 5, 2015 - 12:00 AM

Allen County 4-H’s best and brightest were honored Wednesday during Achievement Night festivities.
Three prominent recipients received the prestigious Key Award, given in recognition of community service, leadership and attending various 4-H events.
Caitlin Dreher, 17, is the daughter of Jerry and Cathy Dreher. She has worked on a statewide community service initiative called the Agriculture Innovators Experience. She also serves as a 4-H camp counselor and is one of 19 teen leaders selected in Kansas to conduct the Water Windmill Challenge. As one of the state’s preeminent livestock judging youths, Dreher was a member of the National Champion Livestock Quiz Bowl Team at the National Western Stock Show in Denver. She also has been chosen to represent Kansas in the first ever livestock all-star team that will judge at the National 4-H Contest in Louisville, Ky., later this month.
Jenna Wilks, 16, is the daughter of J.D. and Jill Wilks. She was chairperson of the Prairie Dell Farm-City Days float project. (The float won first place.). She also organized a Southeast Kansas Youth Rabbit show, featuring 25 youngsters showing 67 entries. She hopes to expand it in the future. Wilks also earned a top 10 showmanship recognition at the 2015 District Horse Show.
Emily McKarnin, 16, is the daughter of Robert and Karen McKarnin. She has been active each holiday season by helping with the Community Pantry and adopting a family in need of assistance. She also helps with maintenance and upkeep at the horse barn at the Riverside Park fairgrounds. She also is willing to help others with their horse and dog projects, and has served as a dog leader.
Friends of  4-H awards went to Grace Spencer of Moran, who has helped with 4-H music projects for more than 40 years; and Mary Frances White, a 50-year 4-H volunteer.
Achievement Night 4-H honorees.
(“LP” stands for Logan Pals, “CS” for City Slickers, “PD” for Prairie Dell, “SB” for Square B and  “PR” for Prairie Rose.)
Membership pin — Emma B’Hymer, Jr. LP; Alyvia Brannan, Int. LP; Kynna Brannan, Jr. LP; Chloe Daniels, Int. LP; Josie Ellis, Jr. LP; Cassidy Friend, Jr. LP; Isaac Hopkins, Jr. CS; Sam Hull, Jr. LP; Raveyn Kegler, Jr. PR; Ty LaRue, Jr. PR; Kennedy Maier, Jr. LP; Payton Scharff, Jr. PR; Mason Sterling, Jr. LP; Emilia Wilkerson, Jr. PD; Cody White, Jr. LP; and Avery Works, Jr. LP.
Bronze pin — Jaiden Emmons, Jr. LP; Jarrett Herrmann, Ind. PR; Ty Johnson, Sr. PR; Abigail Meiwes, Jr. SB; Kyser Nemecek, Jr. CS; Brennon Nuessen, Jr. CS; Brigg Shannon, Jr. LP; and Shelby Shaughnessy, Jr. CS.
Clover pin — Elizabeth Baker, Int. LP; Brandon McKarnin, Jr. PD; Anna Reibel, Int. SB: Ashley Riebel, Jr. SB; Molly Schomaker, Int. PR; Lizzi White, Jr. LP; Madi White, Int. LP; and Luke Wicoff, Jr. PD.
Emerald pins — Carly Dreher, Jr. CS; Austin Gardener, Int. PR; Bailey LaRue, Int. PR; Lexy Riebel, Int. SB; Abby Rinehart, Int. LP; and Gabriella Sharp, Int. LP.
Silver pin — Zoey Rinehart, Int. PR; Casey McKarnin, Int. PD; Levi Meiwes, Int. SB; Abby Riebel, Int. SB; and Jacob Riebel, Sr. PR.
Leadership pin — Jillian Keller, Int. CS; Brody Nemecek, Int. CS; Danielle Sharp, Sr. LP; and Karlie Stephens, Int. PR.
Gold pin — Shelby Yoho, Sr. PR.
Key Award winner — Caitlin Dreher, Sr. CS; Emily McKarnin, Sr. PD; and Jenna Wilks, Sr. PD.
Cloverbud Awards — Wyatt Burnett, PR; Emmitt Carson, LP; Sophie Heim, Pr; Jase Herrmann, PR; Laney Hull, LP; Dierks Kegler, PR; Elizabeth Maier, LP; Mylee Miller, LP; Cooper Scharff, PR; Creed Shannon, LP; Ty Shaughnessy, CS; and Shelby Sprague, PR.
Other Awards:
Friends of 4-H Recognition — Mary Frances White and Grayce Spencer.
Camp Counselor — Caitlin Dreher.
Purple Seals — City Slickers, Logan Pals, Prairie Dell, Prairie Rose and Square B.
Officer Awards (top ratings) — Clara Wicoff, PD, secretary book; Zoi Yoho, PR, and Taylyn Wells, LP, treasurer book; Shelby Yoho, LP, reporter book; and Kaysha Elmenhorst, PR, historian book.
Overall Achievement Pin — Shelby Yoho.
Champion Seniors — Danielle Sharp, beef, dog care and training and meat goat; Delaney Umholtz, clothing and textiles; Jenna Wilks, rabbit; and Shelby Yoho, foods and nutrition, leadership and photography.
Senior Awards — Hesston Murrow, Tilar Wells and Seth Yowell, beef; Jessica Sharp and Shelby Yoho, clothing and textiles; Emily Smart and Jackson Wilks, foods and nutrition; Jonathan Rodewald, leadership; and Klair Vogel, photography.
Intermediate Awards — Gabriella Sharp and Brody Nemecek, beef; Jenni Armstrong, Abby Rinehart and Zoey Rinehart, clothing and textiles; Gabriella Sharp and Zoi Yoho, dog care; Brody Nemecek, entomology; Gracie Yoho, Fiber Arts, Jenni Armstrong, Carly Dreher, Austin Gardner and Zoey Rinehart, foods and nutrition; Brody Nemecek and Alyvia Brannon, goats (meat); Jenni Armstrong, home environment; Lane Roloff and Kahlan Roloff, horse; Zoi Yoho, leadership; Tori White, Austin Gardner, Josh Hull and Kaylan Roloff, photography; Kahlan Roloff, plant science; Abby Rinehart, Lizzi White and Zoi Yoho, rabbit; Jenni Armstrong, reading; Tori White and Madi White, self-determined; Carly Dreher and Brody Nemecek, sheep; Carly Dreher, Cooper Jaro, Zoey Rinehart and Brody Nemecek, swine; Jenni Armstrong, Carly Dreher and Gracie Yoho, visual arts and crafts; and Josh Hull, woodworking.
Junior awards — Kyser Nemecek, beef; Josie Ellis and Carly Kramer, bucket calf; Emilia Wilkerson and Carly Kramer, clothing and textiles; Brigg Shannon, entomology; Cody White, Josie Ellis, Sam Hull and Kyser Nemecek, foods and nutrition; Kyser Nemecek and Kynna Brannon, goats (meat); Katelyn Hicks and Cassidy Friend, horse; Emilia Wilkerson, performing arts; Carly Kramer, photography; Emilia Wilkerson and Carly Kramer, reading; Cody White and Brigg Shannon, self-determined; Carson Keller and Kyser Nemecek, sheep; Kyser Nemecek and Isaac Hopkins, space tech; Isaac Hopkins, shooting sports; Kyser Nemecek, Josie Ellis, Teghen Jaro and Isaac Hopkins, swine; Brigg Shannon, visual arts and crafts; and Sam Hull, woodworking.

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