France’s Macron wins but far-right gains

French President Emmanuel Macron won a second term as Europe grapples with war in Ukraine and NATO efforts to punish and contain Russia's military expansionism.



April 25, 2022 - 2:13 PM

French President Emmanuel Macron speaks during a news conference on August 28, 2021, in Baghdad. (Ludovic Marin/POOL/AFP/Getty Images/TNS)

PARIS (AP) — French President Emmanuel Macron comfortably won a second term Sunday, triggering relief among allies that the nuclear-armed power won’t abruptly shift course in the midst of the war in Ukraine from European Union and NATO efforts to punish and contain Russia’s military expansionism.

The second five-year term for the 44-year-old centrist spared France and Europe from the seismic upheaval of having firebrand populist Marine Le Pen at the helm, Macron’s presidential runoff challenger who quickly conceded defeat but still scored her best-ever electoral showing.

Acknowledging that “numerous” voters cast ballots for him simply to keep out the fiercely nationalist far-right Le Pen, Macron pledged to reunite the country that is “filled with so many doubts, so many divisions” and work to assuage the anger of French voters that fed Le Pen’s campaign.

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