House passes park bill

The Kansas House passed a bill to designate the Lehigh Portland State Park. The measure now moves to the Senate for consideration.



March 16, 2023 - 3:58 PM

A former quarry could become the Lehigh Portland State Park if a legislative proposal is passed. Photo by Richard Luken / Iola Register

TOPEKA — The prospects for Lehigh Portland State Park grew brighter Thursday morning when the House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved House Bill 2331, by a vote of 101 to 21. 

The legislation now moves to the Kansas Senate for consideration.

The lopsided vote “makes a statement,” said Lisse Regehr, CEO of Thrive Allen County, and instrumental in working with Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks officials in developing plans for a state park on the site of the old Lehigh quarry and its surrounding trails.

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