‘A breastplate of righteousness’: Sen. Roger Marshall blasts Biden

The U.S. Senator says COVID-19 is no worse than the common cold or flu.


Local News

January 25, 2022 - 10:25 AM

Sen. Roger Marshall dons a Kansas City Chiefs shirt for his town hall meeting at the Allen County Country Club Monday. Photo by Richard Luken

Roger Marshall left little doubt who’s to blame for a number of issues facing the country.

Kansas’s junior U.S. Senator was in Iola Monday for a town hall meeting. The Republican rattled off a laundry list of complaints, from rising gas prices to the opioid pandemic, that, in his opinion, are the fault of President Joe Biden.

“Anybody in the room concerned about inflation?” he asked at the start. “Concerned about the price of gasoline? Concerned about the southern border and lawlessness in this nation? National security and the direction the president has taken us as far as foreign policy standpoint?

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