Bowlus Fine Arts Center offers house for students to remodel

With winter settling in, the chance to remodel a house instead of building from scratch could be a prime opportunity for building trades students.


Local News

October 27, 2020 - 9:41 AM

This two-story house at 210 S. Buckeye could be moved and used as a remodel project for the construction trades students at the Regional Rural Technology Center. Photo by Google Maps

A long-delayed desire to teach construction students how to build a house got an assist from an unlikely source, the performing arts.

Staff at the Bowlus Fine Arts Center offered a win-win suggestion to allow construction trades students to work on a house project this winter. 

Instead of starting from scratch and building a new house, why not remodel a house the Bowlus owns but wants to move so it can use the space for a new parking lot?

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