Commission agrees to food pantry request

Allen County Commissioners agreed to make improvements to the Humboldt Food Pantry, including a new mini-split air system, insulation and an outside freezer.


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July 11, 2024 - 3:20 PM

Ron Holman sought permission from Allen County commissioners for the Humboldt Food Pantry to make improvements. Photo by Sarah Haney / Iola Register

Allen County Commissioners gave their blessing Tuesday morning to the Humboldt Food Pantry to make some necessary improvements. Ron Holman spoke on behalf of the pantry. “They have a few needs and wants, at no expense to the county,” explained Holman. He noted that the pantry plans to pay for everything, but would like the commissioners’ permission. 

Planned improvements include a new mini-split air system, installing insulation in the ceiling in the back room, and an outside freezer at the back of the building. Holman clarified that the freezer would be similar to ones that the school district has outdoors. “They’re locked and they bring products inside to distribute?” asked Commissioner Bruce Symes. Holman confirmed and noted it would be outside due to its size. He added that there is plenty of space between the building and the alley to accommodate it.

The commissioners approved the request.

IN OTHER NEWS, County Clerk Shannon Patterson requested the commission reschedule the Aug. 6 primary election canvass for a later date — Thursday, Aug. 15. “A special meeting could be held then for the canvass. That will give me a little extra time with this being my first presidential election,” she explained. “I know it’s the primary, but I would feel a lot more confident if I had that extra few days.”

Commissioner Jerry Daniels noted that he could not be present on that date. All three of the commissioners, however, agreed that it would be okay to go ahead in Daniels’ absence.The special meeting for the canvass was approved to be held at 2 p.m., Aug. 15.

Commissioner Jerry Daniels listens to an update from Public Works Director Mitch Garner. Photo by Sarah Haney / Iola Register

• Public Works Director Mitch Garner gave an update on work being completed at the county airport. “The waterline with the hydrant has been installed,” said Garner. “They got it dug and buried.” Work also continues on the sewer line and crews are “moving right along,” according to Garner. 

As far as the new landfill cell is concerned, Garner says the work is near completion. “It’s been going pretty good. They have a few more bags of the bentonite to put in the cell,” he said. “There are 10, maybe 12, bags left.”

Additionally, Garner stated he has filled out a letter of intent for a hazardous mitigation grant that would go towards a generator at the airport. If awarded, the grant would pay for “around 75% of that,” he said. So far, Garner has received one bid for the generator and is waiting on one more.

• Closing out the meeting, resident Arlyn Briggs spoke to the commission about concerns he has had since moving to Allen County. The medical clinic in Moran was at the top of his list. He noted he had been informed that the clinic has an “open-ended contract” and wants to clarify with the commission if this is true. 

Allen County resident Arlyn Briggs speaks to commissioners about the medical clinic in Moran Tuesday morning. Photo by Sarah Haney / Iola Register

“If it’s that way, it can be not used for a long time when it could be put to use helping do things for the community from a medical standpoint,” Briggs said. He added that he has a personal interest in utilizing the building for something within the medical field. “It could be something as simple as providing adult daycare,” he said. He noted that he spoke with a member of the hospital facilities board concerning the matter and they told him they would follow-up on the matter.

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