State park hopes still afloat

A Kansas House committee has once again endorsed a proposal to create Lehigh Portland State Park in Iola. The measure will go to the rest of the House of Representatives for a vote, one of several steps necessary for the park to become reality.


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March 14, 2023 - 3:03 PM

Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks Secretary Brad Loveless speaks in favor Monday of creating a state park out of the LeHigh quarry and trails complex. Loveless and others testified in front of a House Committee. Photo by Susan Lynn / Iola Register

TOPEKA — For a second time, members of the House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee unanimously approved a measure to create Lehigh Portland State Park on Monday afternoon. 

Rep. Gary White, R-Ashland, speaks at a committee hearing in Topeka on a proposal to create Lehigh Portland State Park. Others partaking in the discussion are, from left, Reps. Walter Roth, Fred Gardner and Jim Minnix.Photo by Susan Lynn / Iola Register

The committee revisited the issue after “a lot of unanswered questions” surfaced after the initial vote on Feb. 20, said Rep. Ken Rahjes, chair of the committee.  

At the top of the list was the accusation that the quarry’s water is contaminated. 

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